Front current Derivatives SPI Messages Events

ID Start date Message type Message End date Classes
8597 XDMI - Trades cancellation/adjustment

Borsa Italiana – Euronext Derivatives Milan

The trade executed at 11:34:56 (CEST) for quantity 1250 at 0.3141 on trading code EOINW 2408G310000C (Isin code IT0022359605) and the trade executed at 11:35:18 for quantity 1250 at 0.0297 on trading code EOINW 2408G311000C (Isin code IT0022359647) have been cancelled.

Reason: cancelled on member firms’ requests.

8284 XDMI - Market Making exemption

Borsa Italiana – Euronext Derivatives Milan

FirmID 00000677: exempted from market making obligations on stock options with underlying A2A, AMP, AZM, BGN, BME, BRE, BZU, CPR, DIA, HER, IG, INW, IP, PRY, RED, SFE, SPM, TIT, TRN and UNI.