Current Double Cap Management Events

Please consult the ESMA webpage for the official list of Instruments subject to Double Volume Caps.
As a reminder, due to limitation on volume caps, the following types of orders are forbidden :
  • Central Order Book – Cross orders (“Guaranteed cross”) below LIS size – These orders will be rejected automatically at order entry level.
  • TCS – these orders will not be rejected automatically and in the event a trade would take place, it will be cancelled by Euronext Market Services.
  • - Off Market - Negotiated Transactions (i.e below LIS size)
    - Secondary market transactions
For more details, please refer to the Euronext MIF2 Implementation guide for Euronext Cash Markets, page 6.

Start date End Date Name Symbol Isin code Mic code Threshold type
13/06/2019 12/12/2019 LISI FII FR0000050353 XPAR EU trading venue level (8%)